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madrid pass

madrid pass

Discover the Madrid Pass.

The Madrid Pass brings together all the essentials for your trip to Madrid. It’s a practical, new-generation Pass that requires no ticket office. You buy it directly online, and it takes effect straight away. Your visits and all your tickets are automatically booked with your dates – it’s up to you!

The choice is yours!

The Madrid Pass includes :

  • Prado Museum ticket
  • Ticket for the Royal Palace of Madrid.
  • Access to the Tourist Bus.
  • Audio-guide application.
  • Offline interactive navigation.
  • 10% code for other attractions.

Your tickets are sent directly to you by e-mail, so you don’t need to collect them from a ticket office to enjoy these activities. The code -10% is sent at the same time as your tickets for the Prado Museum and the Royal Palace of Madrid.

This Madrid Pass has been carefully designed to cover all the most exceptional aspects of the city. It will simplify your itineraries and save you precious time on your trip to Madrid. From emblematic monuments to exploring the city, this Madrid Pass includes all the essentials you need to discover…

madrid pass

Prado Museum | Royal Palace of Madrid | BusTuristic, audio-guide, interactive maps…

Prado Museum :

With this Madrid Pass, you can discover the Prado Museum!
Welcome to Spain’s most prestigious art museum. Comparable to the Louvre and the Vatican Museum, the Prado Museum in Madrid is home to some of the most emblematic works of art.

madrid pass

madrid pass

Admire the creations of Spanish masters such as El Greco, Goya, Velázquez, Rembrandt and Bosch. With your Madrid Pass you can explore the permanent collection as well as the temporary exhibitions.

madrid pass

The Prado Museum’s collection includes more than 7,000 paintings. The Prado Museum also holds works by masters such as Peter Paul Rubens, Pieter Bruegel and Anton van Dyck. The collection also includes the famous triptych, The Garden of Delights, by Hieronymus Bosch, probably one of the most famous in the world.

Royal Palace of Madrid:

With just over 3,000 rooms, Madrid’s Royal Palace ranks as the largest palace in Europe.

madrid pass

madrid pass

Explore this Royal residence, a powerful symbol of the city of Madrid, using your Madrid Pass, and immerse yourself in the majestic galleries. This palace has been home to some of Europe’s most enigmatic Royal families.

madrid pass

Stroll through the Crown Room, explore the Royal Armoury and contemplate the masterpieces on display in the Gallery of Paintings. The palace’s art collection easily rivals those of the most prestigious museums, with works by Velázquez, Goya… Each piece is awe-inspiring: luxury here reaches unparalleled heights!

Tourist Bus:

With the Madrid Pass, you’ll have access to the Tourist Bus, which allows you to explore all the sights from the comfort of your seat. You can get off at the stop of your choice, then get back on the bus to continue exploring the Spanish capital.

madrid pass

It’s a great way to get from A to B. The audioguide is available in all languages, so you can explore Madrid from top to bottom. There are two itineraries to choose from.

madrid pass

Route 1 will guide you through Madrid’s rich historical heritage. This exploration encompasses the tree-lined boulevard of the Paseo del Prado and the architectural gems of the Habsburg era. From the “Triangle of Art” to the Royal Palace, from the Plaza de Cybele to the Toledo Gate. This itinerary plunges you into the heart of the city, exploring the district the Spaniards call “El Foro”.

Route 2 focuses on the “modern” Madrid. Passing through the most modern districts. You’ll discover masterpieces of contemporary architecture and the vibrant pulse of this industrial capital. What’s more, sports fans will be delighted to have the opportunity to admire Real Madrid’s legendary stadium, the Santiago Bernabéu, up close.

madrid pass

With your Madrid Pass, you can take advantage of these two routes, which intersect several times. So you can put together your own itinerary to visit the places that interest you most. Whether you want to get an overview of the Spanish capital or explore it at your own pace, these tours are designed to suit your preferences.

Audio-guide + interactive maps:

The Madrid Pass also includes an audio-guide application with over 120 points of interest. This will allow you to discover Madrid thanks to interactive maps that work even when you’re offline.


madrid pass

Madrid Pass in 6 steps

STEP 1 | Buy your Madrid Pass online.

STEP 2 | Select your date to visit the Prado Museum.

STEP 3 | Select your date to visit the Royal Palace of Madrid. The Tourist Bus does not require a date selection.

STEP 4 | Receive your Tourist Bus tickets on time. Unlike the Prado Museum, the Tourist Bus can be used whenever you like. You don’t need to set any dates in advance. Receive a -10% promotional code that you can use on 5 waves of purchases.

STEP 5 | Receipt of your ticket to visit the Prado Museum and the Royal Palace of Madrid and receipt of your audio-guide with its interactive navigation system to help you discover Madrid and its monuments.

STEP 6 | Take advantage of your -10% code and treat yourself to other Madrid attractions to enrich your visit schedule.

Once you have ordered your Madrid Pass, you will receive all your tickets (within 1 to 48 hours) by email. No need to print out your tickets. All you have to do is present them on your smartphone to enter the Pardo Museum, the Royal Palace of Madrid and the Tourist Bus.


madrid pass

100% mobile access
with your smartphone.

Once you have ordered your Madrid Pass, you will receive all your tickets by email. No need to print out your tickets. Present your tickets from your smartphone to visit the Prado Museum, the Royal Palace of Madrid and the Tourist Bus. The audio-guide application with more than 120 points of interest to visit Madrid, interactive offline digital maps and navigation and a 10% discount code on all your other visits.